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Jeff Osterfeld

CEO & Founder

Jeff Osterfeld, Founder and CEO of Penn Station, Inc., has created an award-winning sandwich shop distinguished by its commitment to quality. Jeff’s journey began with the deli he opened right after college in 1985. Just three short years later, he sold his first Penn Station franchise. Jeff knows the importance of surrounding himself with detail-oriented, intelligent, hard-working people who value the importance of family and teamwork. Consequently, he maintains close relationships both with Penn Station team members and valued vendor partners. Jeff sets the tone for the company and its leadership by putting franchisees first.

Craig Dunaway


Craig Dunaway’s pre-Penn Station resume includes work as a CPA and partner with accounting firm McCauley, Nicolas & Company, LLC, an accounting degree from Indiana University Southeast, and hands-on experiences as a Papa John’s and Penn Station franchisee. His all-encompassing knowledge of the industry allows Craig to make decisions that support the franchisees’ bottom lines. Craig is extraordinary in that he not only “talks the talk” but he has “walked the walk,” as he was once one of the largest and most successful franchisees at Penn Station. Craig is approachable, transparent, and an excellent communicator. He is committed to the brand, displays an impeccable work ethic, and is always a phone call away for franchisees.

Lance Vaught

VP of Operations

Lance Vaught worked in a range of roles within Operations & Training before overseeing the entire department, which makes up two-thirds of Penn Station’s corporate staff. Lance believes a prosperous company is not limited to only the successful execution of business operations, but also to providing the best possible support to franchisees. As a result, Lance has created tangible improvements, provided corporate infrastructure with streamlined processes, and incorporated effective protocols such as frequent in-store consultations. For Lance, “It is all about the people.” Lance’s work helped Penn Station East Coast Subs earn a ranking in the Top 125 Training Organizations in Training Magazine for 2017 & 2018.