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We pride ourselves in developing the best concept for our consumers and our franchisees. Unlike other concepts we run ONE company unit. Our focus is solely on you and growing your business.

Our food is unmatched and cravable and we don’t tamper with what works. This keeps operations simple.

We cultivate an owner mentality in all aspects of our operation – this is how we consistently produce unparalleled Return on Investment.


Because we operate only one company unit, our focus is on providing you unparalleled  support – not growing company stores or developing products for grocery. Our success is predicated by your success. Thus, our infrastructure is designed and structured to assist you with executing the concept with excellence.

Our comprehensive support covers all aspects of your business, including: Site Selection, Design & Construction support, IT, Operations and Training, Marketing and Financial Reporting.


It was no surprise we were selected as the #1 Sandwich concept nationally by consumers. Our Taste is truly unique, which is why Penn Station consumers become customers for life.

Our menu features: grilled and baked signature subs served piping hot, fresh-cut fries which command premium prices and fresh-squeezed lemonade made from Sunkist lemons.

The Penn Station difference starts with premium products, grilled and baked to create the best tasting sandwich.